This piece would not have happened without hanging around with and seeing the work of Karl Ciesluk when I was in Ontario… he has a series fish reflection land art creations.. and a very brilliant mind! I decided to add a bit of Gravity Glue flavor to the idea since I’ve been in the mood to play with reflections. Made this yesterday! :) it is fun to consider this creation in relation to the following Alan Watts quote…

“Now if you get with yourself, and you find out that you are ALL of yourself, a very strange thing happens.. You find that your body knows that you’re one with the universe.. In other words, that the so called involuntary circulation of your blood is one continuous process with the stars shining. If you find out that it’s YOU who circulates your blood, You will at the same moment find out that you are shining the sun. Because your physical organism is one continuous process with everything that’s going on.”

~ Alan Watts
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