Film Biz Day 2: White Pockets, Arizona

The second day of my travels through the desert involved a group expedition to a naturally occurring rock formation… Completely anomalous to the surrounding desert environment..

At sunrise, I followed my crew to a drop off point where we had to switch into large 4-wheel drive trucks driven by professional guides…. then drove on a VERY treacherous sandy road for about an hour to finally reach the site… Despite there being ZERO loose rocks to balance, it was some of the most interesting landscape I have ever seen… I was able to take MANY pictures :)

Alien Landscapes

Textures Galore!


“Shaman Stones”

The following pictures are among the most interesting part of the white pockets site.. they are called “Mochi Marbles” otherwise known as “Shaman Stones”, and “These stones are believed to be among the most energetic on earth”… I did not find this out until researching just now…

but during my entire visit on site, I noticed deposits of them all around… some very large deposits… I was intensely attracted to them whenever I came across a deposit.. and even carried a few with me all day… not sure why… but perhaps some of the supposed metaphysical traits had something to do with it…? Anyway, I was so drawn to them that I could not resist collecting a few handfuls to bring home with me… My attraction felt obscure at the time.. but I’m glad I kept a few :)  They are intriguing to hold and look at. :)


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  1. Michael

    Thank you for posting these wonderful images and the link back to my article on “mochi marbles”. Keep creating and shining a light on all things natural.


  2. Love the beauty of the rock formations! “Nature’s Art” – Incredible… And how amazing to find the “shaman stones”. Quite a “find” in many ways!

    1. thanks :) learning about the shaman stones was very interesting… especially after having no idea what they were at the time… yet feeling so attracted to them the whole day… weird.. but cool :) almost did not bother to keep some, and would have never researched them without doing so… somewhat meant to be <3 :)

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