m-2014Michael Grab was born in Edmonton, Canada in 1984 and relocated to Boulder, Colorado in 2002 to attend University. He stumbled upon the art of stone balance through an unexpected whim in the summer of 2008. Through his early years of practice, Michael has grown a local reputation for designing highly unlikely balanced rock formations up and down Boulder Creek, which flows through the heart of Boulder.

While Michael is generally based in Colorado, he has also attracted international acclaim for his work and has developed his portfolio/practice in over 20 countries, including countless unique environments and climate conditions. He intends to continue sharing the practice worldwide through performing, teaching, learning, and applying, his developing mastery of an ancient practice.




Stone Balance installations engage visitors and inspire a diverse range of conversation. Seeing rocks balanced in counterintuitive ways will have people questioning their own conceptions of possibility, if not arguing the presence of “glue”. Often it will be something they have rarely, if ever, seen before, especially to such an advanced technical degree. A step above the installation element is the live demonstration/performance element.  Since balances are often inspired in some way by the environment, gardens begin to form in relation to the surrounding elements like audience, atmosphere, music, etc. People absolutely love witnessing the meditative creation process.

I have extensive experience in performance conditions internationally, and I am available to perform and/or teach stone balance at a wide variety of events including weddings, art shows, public exhibitions, reunions, memorials, private parties, corporate events, festivals, etc. Basically anywhere on earth with rocks and gravity.

If you would like to commission me to create a collection of work around your property, venue, etc. please contact me with your ideas.

Here is a LIST of past exhibitions


Gravity Glue workshops are a great way to discover balancing AND really TUNE IN to more subtle vibrations of awareness. I’d like to guide a well rounded, practice-based, approach to the art that touches on a bit of background, purpose(s), physics, other balancers, and techniques for balancing. Not to mention the photography as a big part of sharing your creations. I encourage slow contemplative play, curiosity, and safety. Sessions can include anyone from beginner to advanced skill levels.

Currently I offer privately arranged workshops in Boulder, Colorado. These generally consist of 1-on-1 sessions or very small groups. If you’d like to book a Gravity Glue workshop for a larger group or outside of Boulder, please see my general requests below, and feel free to email me with any questions or ideas.



  • travel and accommodation related to the event is fully covered (for non-local bookings)
  • rocks (ideally granite or something of similar hardness) are supplied locally.
  • a fee based on details of the booking

PLEASE contact me if you have any questions. Thanks!