This is a close up of a creek rock I balanced today… beautiful textures and colors…  I think it is a little funny to think that most people don’t think twice about the details of rocks… Sure some are more energetic than others… but for the most part, I can leave a rock almost anywhere and it will stay… no one will touch it… except me and possibly a few other rock balancers I know. :P


I have a growing collection of small rocks accumulating at home… so many times I pick up small rocks, especially wet from the creek, and looking closely reveals brilliant textures and imperfectly harmonious color schemes. wabi-sabi.2013-30322013-3033


3 comments on "Details"

  1. Dan Davis on

    Pink feldspar and mica… pretty well granite without, or low in quartz. I also detect a small dispersion of small garnets. Nice rock man!

  2. hi, I love your art and your pictures. But I wonder what happened to your girlfriend? I understand you are back in the US again, did she come with you?

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